PhD Student, Research Assistant


   Office: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, D-308


   Telephone: +90 (312) 210-7485

   Fax: +90 (312) 210-2518



B.Sc., Gazi University,  Department of Metallurgy (2007)
M.Sc., Middle East Technical University, Metallurgical & Materials Eng. (2012)
PhD: candidate in Middle East Technical University, Metallurgical & Materials Eng. (2012-     )
Assisted Courses / Laboratories:
Metallography (METE 307)
Materials for Organic Electronics (METE 482)
Materials Science and Engineering (METE 229)
Engineering Materials (METE 225)
Solar Cells (METE 550)
Thesis / Research Information: 

Synthesis of Silver Nanowires Through Polyol Process


Synthesis of silver nanowires and other nanostructures through solution based polyol process. In addition, investigation of the parameters effective on yield, size and morphology of silver nanostructures. Then, fabrication of transparent and conducting electrodes using silver nanowires. Moreover, optimization of transparency and sheet resistance properties of these silver nanowire based transparent conductors. Finally, utilization of transparent and conducting silver nanowire electrodes in electronic devices such as organic photovoltaics and polymeric light emitting diodes.